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TEMPUS ACCESS (January 2010. - January 2013.)
Towards Equitable and Transparent Access to Higher Education in Croatia
The aim of the project: contribute to ensuring equitable and transparent access to higher education in Croatia by removing financial obstacles through  collection  necessary data  and building capacity for creating policies of financing for higher education.
Project manager: Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
National coordinator: Institute for educational development

TEMPUS FOODLINKS (2010. - 2013.)
Improving Academia-Industry Links in Food Safety and Quality
TEMPUS EDUQUALITY (2010. - 2013.)
Education for Equal Opportunities at Croatian Universities

The aim of the project: is equalizing of opportunities in higher education for students with disabilities in the Republic of Croatia which will tend to be realized through enhancement of existing and development of new forms of support in equalizing opportunities for students with disabilities at  Croatian Universities, initiating the  creation of national standards and guidelines for development of accessibility of higher education for students with disabilities and ensuring of accessibility, sustainability and quality of a system of support equalization.

Tempus Programme 

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